AndyWell, where do I start? This is my seaweed website that has been around for almost a decade now. Mostly this is about my work and is an ideal location for me to present information pertaining to my interests and career.

I’m a researcher in marine biology, with particular interests in intertidal and deep-sea ecology. Currently based at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. You can visit my SAMS homepage at http://tinyurl.com/2ahfr4, but most of that information is presented here.

Research interests
My research interest is focussed on ecology, whereever it may lie. Currently, this spans two major environments. I undertook my Ph.D. in intertidal ecology, focussed on the interaction between grazers and macroalgae on sheltered shores. With subsequent post-doc’s taking me from the coastal seas through to the deep waters off-shore researching cold-water coral reefs in the North East Atlantic.

2004, PhD Science and Agriculture, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.
2001, BSc (Hons.) Coastal Marine Biology, University of Hull, UK.

Current position
2005 – on, Post-doctoral researcher, Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK.
2008, Winston Churchill Fellow.