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Your alternative guide to the world of seaweeds!

seaweedPepperstone review and other brokers Welcome to Freakin Fucus, an alternative resource all about the amazing world of seaweeds. I created this site back in 2000 as a project for a degree course. Since then, the site has developed into a huge resource of information on seaweed and limpets.

The site aims to educate and enlighten the public about seaweed. I take an alternative approach to popular science. In short, science doesn’t have to be boring! We start with the primers section, which introduce you to many aspects of seaweed biology and ecology. You can even find in depth studies on the seaweeds and animals you can find on the seashore. I also introduce you to some of the research that has been conducted on seaweeds.

Dr Andrew DaviesLife is too short not to enjoy the wonders of the sea. So dive in and enjoy the content. As ever, if you have any comments please email me, or add them to the site. This is the 10th generation of Freakin Fucus, now using WordPress.

Thanks for looking, Andy.